Dec 26th, 2017

How to rock (not wreck) a winter wedding

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The occasional ‘kullhad-chai’ to slurp on whilst the cup warms your freezing palms, the cozy comfort of a well wrapped shawl, huddling around a bonfire with your craziest bunch, snacking on deliciously toasty jalebis and the heart-warming embraces. Snow or not, such are the indulgences of a winter wedding. However, as fun as it is to attend such a wedding party, organizing it is a rather taxing affair. Nevertheless, some research and a little bit of outside help will let you organize the wedding of your dreams, without any unexpected pit-falls. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re planning to get married in the wondrous winter:

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Let people know

Let not your guests be surprised as they are forced to witness a drastic drop in temperature with nothing but a series of cottons and georgettes in their suitcases. Send out the weather details along with your save-the-dates so that your wedding guests are well packed with warm three-pieces, pashminas and velvets as they step into your winter wonderland.

Walk the extra mile

For the slightly under-prepared ones, who are covered but not warm enough, keep spare shawls and blankets ready. Give them out during the later hours of the event or on demand. Needless to say, setting up bon fires or electric heaters is a must if the wedding is being held outside.

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Comfort at its best

Organizers always bend backwards to ensure that their guests are experiencing the utmost level of comfort. Providing bed warmers, hot tea or supplies at the guests’ beck and call, hot water for bathing, extra comforters and blankets, heated towels after dinner are little things that show you care.

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Food at its best

In these chilly winters, as guests are done posing for their pictures, they need some nice comfort food to feel themselves again. A hot Kulhad of Rabdi or a smoking cup of soup better be omnipresent in the wedding venue. Some savory food like Pakodas, Cheese Balls, Pizza, Pasta will spice up the evening. Make sure your guests are able to satisfy their sweet tooth after all those savory foods. And a winter wedding reaps the benefits of pleasing the crowd with rich sweets like Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, choco lava cakes, puddings etc.

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The Winter Bride

The pressure of looking photogenic does indeed create a problem for winter brides. The low cut neckline, the backless blouse, and fancily draped dupatta to flaunt the midriff are ideas that work splendidly well in summer parties, however during winter, it might cause the bride some discomfort. To avoid the incessant teeth clattering underneath all the lipstick and the sky-high goose bumps on the night, which you, more than anybody, are supposed to enjoy, wear something that your body would be thankful for. A graceful, color-matched shawl or a layer of warm inners underneath the lehnga can make you feel cozier.

Now stop contemplating and whip out the flashy furs, the shiny velvets for it’s going to be a charmingly cold winter wedding.

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