Weddings at City Palace Udaipur

City Palace

The City Palace, Udaipur is a huge complex housing 11 palaces and a multitude of corridors and chowks. It is situated atop a hill and was built across a period of 400 years. Every brick and every stone here whispers historical sagas and you breathe a different air while in here.

Some of the popular spots within this complex are Manek Chowk, Zenena Mahal, Mor Chowk, Sheesh Mahal, Chini Chitrashala, etc.

With so much history and a combination of Mughal and Marwari architecture, City Palace is on the top of royal weddings wish list. One step inside and you are transported to a different time. While a few palaces have been renovated to suit the modern times, the overall feel is still true to its authenticity. One cannot help but get mesmerized by the sheer grandeur of this place.

City Palace has some beautifully designed halls that leave you in awe and are the perfect locations for your many wedding ceremonies. Transport yourself to a time of extravagance, splurge in the aura and soak in the majesty of this beautiful property and plan your wedding in the biggest palatial structure of India.

Mahesh & Akriti

Every little detail adds up to the big picture and makes it grand. We curated the perfect wedding in just one month.

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Sunanda & Chetanya

Despite a humongous guest list and change in the venue, everything went smoothly and this wedding was one of its kind.

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Aptly nicknamed, this city of lakes soothes the eyes and calms the nerves. This little city is known for its palatial complex that houses 11 lavish abodes.

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We feel special when you feel special. Our pride is a rendition of your smiles and memories, which we strive for everyday that we spent with you, from our first interaction to the ultimate wedding nuance.

Our Process

Decoding Your Dream Wedding

From the point we meet you we start observing your taste and preferences. From understanding various shades of your mood to your daily routine, everything helps. After drawing accurate references to your choices, network and values, we imagine your dream, make you visualize it and start the pursuit to achieve it with you.

Breaking grounds, after grounds.

After designing the wedding on canvas, we swirl in endless rounds of ground work, happily. Having been in the industry for almost 17 years, we have a massive network of wedding vendors across India, but our team embarks a journey to have a touch and feel, application, richness, colour science and aesthetic value of every element chosen for the wedding, personally.

Settling anxiety and anticipation

The whole purpose of getting married, is to celebrate the most special moment of your life with your family and friends. How they feel about your celebrations matters the most to us. We live vicariously through the comfort and joy of your guests, which is why we ensure they have the most delightful time of their lives.

Living the Dream Wedding

All those millions of aspirations and desires culminate into one BIG Day for us, as they do for you. The experience helps us remain focused amidst excitement, as we slip into our superhero avatars. There are 7000 tasks to be executed to perfection in a two-day wedding.