Weddings at Rambagh Jaipur


One of the most royal properties of Jaipur, Rambagh was once the proud abode of the Maharaj of Jaipur. The Mughal landscapes, crafted marble work and sandstone architecture speak of the grandeur of a bygone era. This is where the rich heritage of Rajasthan comes alive.

The property boasts of 78 well-appointed rooms and suites that were once the chambers of the Royal Palace. The property has been transformed over the years to acoomodate the latest luxuries and amenities. Rambagh leaves you in awe and is matched with some sumptuous food and exotic cuisines.

With 5 food outlets, a spa and a golf course, this property is the best match for anyone looking for a regal and suave wedding.

The palace itself provides for a lovely backdrop and has sprawling outdoor and indoor venues that are simply perfect for your resplendent wedding. And the customized well-curated food by our masterchefs will only enhance the experience.

The 180+ year old mansion invites you to leisurely explore its rooms, galleries and grounds and soak in the rich history of the yesteryears.

Mahesh & Akriti

Every little detail adds up to the big picture and makes it grand. We curated the perfect wedding in just one month.

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Sunanda & Chetanya

Despite a humongous guest list and change in the venue, everything went smoothly and this wedding was one of its kind.

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Jaipur has been synonymous to royalty since time immemorial. Its rich culture and history is an era in itself.

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Designed &
to Perfection every time

We feel special when you feel special. Our pride is a rendition of your smiles and memories, which we strive for everyday that we spent with you, from our first interaction to the ultimate wedding nuance.

Our Process

Decoding Your Dream Wedding

From the point we meet you we start observing your taste and preferences. From understanding various shades of your mood to your daily routine, everything helps. After drawing accurate references to your choices, network and values, we imagine your dream, make you visualize it and start the pursuit to achieve it with you.

Breaking grounds, after grounds.

After designing the wedding on canvas, we swirl in endless rounds of ground work, happily. Having been in the industry for almost 17 years, we have a massive network of wedding vendors across India, but our team embarks a journey to have a touch and feel, application, richness, colour science and aesthetic value of every element chosen for the wedding, personally.

Settling anxiety and anticipation

The whole purpose of getting married, is to celebrate the most special moment of your life with your family and friends. How they feel about your celebrations matters the most to us. We live vicariously through the comfort and joy of your guests, which is why we ensure they have the most delightful time of their lives.

Living the Dream Wedding

All those millions of aspirations and desires culminate into one BIG Day for us, as they do for you. The experience helps us remain focused amidst excitement, as we slip into our superhero avatars. There are 7000 tasks to be executed to perfection in a two-day wedding.