Sep 30th, 2017

Why posing in the snow wearing practically no woollens for your pre wedding shoot is worth it?

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Since when have you been having the dream of that perfect, lavish big fat Indian wedding? Too long, isn’t it? Your wedding is not just about that glam and glitz and the show-sha! It is also about the crazy bunch of memories that you will cherish forever. From the aunt who practically choked on the gol-gappas, or waits, it could be the olive from the Martini at your wedding, to the distant relative whose identity you did not know even till the end of the wedding!

But wait up! Isn’t a wedding supposed to be about the couple? As much as they are fun, weddings can become cumbersome as the bride and groom get things sorted and get things sorted in a way that they had dreamt of while accommodating what their families want. Yeah, it can become too tiring that they forget to have that “us time” in all the hullabaloo. That is why some great person invented pre-wedding shoots. So that the very reason that you are getting married, your love, could actually be captured and stored as celluloid rolls for generations to come (not anymore, that just added more oomph to the text. I am pretty sure it will all be stored on your iCloud now).pre-wedding shoot

But yeah, getting back to where we had started. If you are having a doubt about your pre-wedding shoots, here is why you really need them:

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Getting rid of that, err, uneasiness with your partner:

In a lot of arranged marriages, it becomes a bit weird even after a good, long courtship to get a hold of your nerves and get used to that proximity. But hey! This is your chance to loosen up and get comfortable in the presence of your partner and actually get cozy in your partner’s arms in that freezing weather while the photographer makes you pose for that perfect shot. Isn’t that warm, fuzzy feeling a reason that you were getting married to that person in the first place? Also, this helps you strengthen your bond before marriage especially without so many elderly figures, relatives and friends because the shoot is all about you and your partner.

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Being Free & Letting Loose:

So, talking about those elders and relatives and friends and god knows how many people surround you when you are getting married, you just don’t get enough time to spend with your fiancé. This put in the right words – you don’t get much time to spend with your wife/husband-to-be without being shadowed by an army of well-wishers. You need that privacy and you need those moments where you can just be and what better than having those moments captured and relished for a lifetime!

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Destination wedding? How about a destination shoot?

Talking about trends, there is one that’s on the rise. If you have the bucks to throw around and your families do not mind (because the idea of a couple spending time together before their wedding is not something a lot of people from the other previous generations digest that well). But yeah, if you can, then why not just pick an amazing destination and go there for a pre-wedding shoot! Just imagine yourself in snow, for real, and not just some pretend, in-the-studio snow. Go around the world, maybe this will just give you a better perspective on the person you are getting married to (just kidding). Go out and have a gala time because you are still single and disasters can still be prevented.

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Camera Shy? Prepare for your wedding:

Do you remember your mothers’ photographs from her wedding wherein she was posing with a garland in her hand and a weird smile on her face. Other than the fact that she looked really beautiful, the pic was weird so to say. Don’t be your mother at least when it comes to photographs. Pre-Wedding shoots will make you familiar with the photographer and will make you comfortable in front of the camera. Also, if a pre-wedding shoot goes well, you can be completely sure of having chosen the right photographer.

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A way to experiment before your wedding:

Your prewedding photoshoot can be an amazing platform to experiment with your partner for a lot of things – colour combinations, patterns, clothing styles, your hairstyles, makeup, what not! Also, there are so many things that you cannot do in front of your relatives but there is no one looking except for the photographer now. So many things to do, if you know what we mean.

Leaving you in your imagination, we will sign off for now and let you plan for your pre-wedding shoot. If you have any more reasons that you think a pre-wedding shoot helps people out with, then just comment or mail us and we will share them with the public.

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