Jun 30th, 2017

Trendy Mandap Decor Ideas for Your Wedding!

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Marriage is considered as one of the most significant event in an individual’s life. In India, marriages are celebrated in a magnificent way and the rituals are performed in accordance with the ancient practices. Most of these rituals are performed under a four-pillar canopy known as Mandap. Mandap ceremony is most-photographed as the couple vows to support each other and live happily together. Customize your grand day with these amazing mandap ideas. Promise each other a prosperous married life beneath a beautiful canopy with a blend of creativity and class.

Event Management Company

Event Management Company

Majestic Rose Canopy

Roses symbolize love in the purest form. Celebrate your wedding under a magnificent canopy loaded with roses that depict love as you vow to stay together. Combine it with soft hued danglers and bring forth a magical effect.

Event Management Company in Jaipur

Event Management Company in Jaipur

Mandap By The Ocean

Mandap set against the majestic oceans provide a breathtaking backdrop. Play with contrasts for a stunning and subtle mandap for a perfect beach wedding as the limitless oceans depict the everlasting and unconditional love for each other.

Wedding Planners In Jaipur

Wedding Planners In Jaipur

Exquisitely Royal

Chandeliers lamps teamed up with mirrored decor will give the mandap a royal touch along with a dash of drama. The bling of the centerpiece will light up the proceedings in a marvelous light making it all the more memorable.

Destination Wedding Planners

Destination Wedding Planners

Floating Marquee

This is an entirely beautiful yet mesmerizing concept for Mandap decoration. A beautiful canopy over the water which reflects the purity and clarity of the vows. Combine the decor with the choicest flowers and streamers for a magical ambience.

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Best Destination Wedding Planner Jaipur

Fairytale Mandap

Every girl fantasizes her grand day to be like a perfect ending in a fairytale. This type of mandap is decked up with sheer pastel colored panels, huge chandeliers and your favourite flowers. Mandap is highly elegant and serves as the pristine canopy under which the couple vows to be together.

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