Whether your wedding is a traditional affair or a contemporary one, we arrange for just the perfect entertainment for you. We ensure that your guests leave the party in awes and not stop talking about it for ages. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Sangeet is the charm of every wedding and we make it unique, exciting and lively for you.

Entertainment adds vibrancy to your special day and makes it all the more special for you and your guests. We ensure that they leave the party in awe and remember it for ages.

We believe in crafting a complete entertainment package for your wedding day.

Music adds sparkle to your fairytale wedding. We, at Mapsor, organize apt musical solutions including musical performances, high quality sound systems and lighting and DJs.

Live 40-piece orchestras, afro jazz shows, salsa performances, bhangra performances or kalbeliya performances; name it and we have it. Not only this, but we also bring to you professional choreographer to prepare you and your family members for their grand performances. Also, we provide an anchor to hook the crowd to your performances while you are at it.

Our off-stage attractions include bangle makers, mask makers, instant photo booths and loads more. We understand your celebrity muse and fulfill your dream of meeting your favorite star on your special day.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the magical performances.