Wedding theme & decor is the direct reflection of you and it should portray just that. Designing your vision is the sole parameter which we consider while planning your special day because we believe that we can make it happen for you.

Passion to craft profound memories and preserve them for generations has been one of the driving forces, which has taken Mapsor to the stature of being the premier international event company. With a dynamic & versatile approach at offering event planning & management, programming & production support, special event promotions, event & venue management and consulting services, today, Mapsor soars high in the sky of creativity where the only motto is to make it happen with a touch of discreteness.

While your wedding ceremony and reception are undoubtedly going to be the most beautiful times of your lives, the events leading up to it can be so much fun! Pre-wedding activities range from family friendly ones to exciting night outs with friends and can be the best stress buster. While couples put in a lot of thought into the actual wedding and wedding functions, your pre-wedding activities get left to the last minute. Relaxing is the best gift for you. Mapsor will help you plan your pre-wedding activities like the bachelor and bachelorette parties, shopping, bridal shower etc. We will help you find the perfect venues and assist you and your with travel. Leave the accommodation scheduling as well as get you in touch with the right professionals for the job, as per your requirements. Grooming and etiquette lessons can be scheduled as required.
From dresses to venues, accommodation to food, travel to event, we take care of it all. Your dreams are our responsibility.